Thursday, 14 June 2012

MAC Show Orchid Lipstick!

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well and are having a great week so far! 

So, first of all  I have to tell you  all that I had an eye on this lipstick for sometime but never knowing that this was a pro shade and it's part of some LE collections. So, when I saw a dear friend,Rashmi  from Indyabeauty, wearing this, I decided that I have to have it at any cost. So, when I asked her from where she bought this lippie, she immediately arranged it for me through her brother. So, you can imagine how nice she is and how helpful she is. I am blessed to have her as a friend. I don't have enough words to thank her for getting this for me. And also want to THANK HER for inspiring me to go bold with lipstick shades and try some naughty unusual shades! 

Ok, now coming to the lipstick, its a magenta shade with very fine violet sheen to it. It looks AMAZING. I fell in love as soon as saw it. I have not tested and tried it enough to review it, which I will review shortly. This post is more from Thanking my friend and showing her and all of you how it looks on me I am sure that this is going to win my heart (which it already has, for the its shade and color pay-off) in all terms.  I will not hold on to your breath for long time. Here are the pictures swatches and me with this lippie.

w/o flash
with flash

Here, I am wearing this lipstick with neutral eye make-up and a very soft blush, as I didn't want them to compete with the beautiful shade of lipstick.

Guys, please let me know how does this look on me and do I fair with this lipstick?

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Lots of love


  1. yay!Eesha u r rocking this shade dear..seriously..I have Girl About Town which is quite similar..I jus love the way u hav done the entire look

  2. You look gorgeous with this shade!

  3. stunningggggggggggggg you are looking Eesha :D :D .... you know am handicap with no laptop ... had to borrow dev's laptop :( ...
    seriously pretty pictures and i loveddddd how you captured the true shade of the lipstick :D :D awesomeeeee honey XOXO :D so worth the effort and you proved it baby

  4. @ Preetha: Thank you so much dear. I am so glad that you liked it me. :-)
    @ Ingrid: Thanks
    @ Rashmi: Thank you so much Rashmi for getting this for me. :D :D

  5. Awesome shade. Liked it.


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