Thursday, 28 June 2012

Navy & Grey Smoky Eyes!

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well and are happy and healthy.

Blue smoky eyes were over my mind during the winter and it revived again when I saw my blue eyeshadows. But then, I have done blue smoky eyes a lot of time previously, so, I decided to add some grey to it and to make it suitable for summers and added a pop of gold in the tear duct. Paired this eye makeup with some bronzer and a very natural warm blush and a peach lipstick.

This look is great for night outs and parties and by using grey it is wearable any time of the year.

Products Used:
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Dark
  • Guerlain Parur Gold Foundation in #23 Dore Natural
  • Dior Nude Powder #40
  • Guerlain Terracota Bronzer #20
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul
  • MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl
  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
  • Estee' Lauder Double Wear Stay in place cream eye shadow in Blue Velvet
  • MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow e/s 
  • MAC Cork & Espresso e/s
  • MAC Solar White e/s
  • MAC Brule e/s
  • Clinique Gel liner in True Black
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner pencil in Zero
  • Chanel Imitable mascara in Noir Black
  • NYX lip liner in Natural
  • Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Peach
  • MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade 
Step by Step tutorial to get the look: 
  • Step 1: Primer your lids using your favourite Primer. I have used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.
  • Step 2: Apply Estee' Lauder Double Wear Stay in place cream eye shadow in Blue Velvet all over the lid. 

  • Step 3: Blend the cream shadow using MAC Cork

  • Step 4: Apply MAC Knight Divine e/s all over the blue base. Blend using MAC Cork and little bit of MAC Espresso. Apply MAC Brule under the brows. 

  • Step 5: Smudge the EL DW cream eye shadow Blue Velvet under the lower lash line and set it with MAC Knight Divine

  • Step 6: Apply MAC Solar White e/s in the tear duct, very inner corner of the lid and very inner corner of the lower lash line. 

  • Step 7: Apply Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero in the inner rims. Apply Clinique Gel Eyeliner in True Black on the upper lashline and apply black mascara to finish the look. 

Here are some more pictures of the completed look. 

I hope you all liked the look. 

Lots of love

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wearable Burgundy & Brown Make-up look!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and are staying happy and healthy. 

Well, those who have been associated with me for long, they would have know that I am more of a wearable make-up person. I prefer the make-up which can be worn just by anybody else (not that I don't do all those flashy and crazy looks, I like them too). Having said that, all of us have eye-shadows which we don't use on a day to day basis - they could be plums, purples, teals, burgundy, etc. and in the end feel sad about all the money spent on those lovely shades. 

After having researched through the internet, watching many YT videos and most importantly from my own experience, I have found out that it is not that difficult to use those lovely shades more often. The trick is to pair it up with a neutral shade like brown or grey or black (black for a more intense smoky kind of look). For example, I have this shade from MAC called cranberry (a plummy burgundy shade) which was lying in the pallet unused for, I don't know, how many months together. So, I pulled it out and paired it with a matte brown eyeshadow and realized that it was not all that stark and bright and unwearable kinds. 

My favrorite picks for neutral eyeshadows would be - MAC Espresso, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Smut, MAC Typographic and MAC Carbon.  

So, I created this look with MAC Cranberry eyeshadow and MAC Espresso. 

Products Used:

  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Dark
  • Clinique Instant Pore minimizer as primer near the nose to reduce appearance of pores. 
  • MUFE Matte Velvet + foundation #55
  • Guerlain Terracotta bronzer #20
  • Nars Cream Blush in Cactus Flower
  • Nars highlighter in Albatross 

  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • MAC Cork
  • MAC Espresso
  • MAC Cranberry
  • MAC Jest
  • MAC Vanilla
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero
  • Clinique gel eyeliner in True Black
  • Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Black
  • MAC Hug Me lipstick
  • Estee' Lauder lipgloss in Electric Ginger

Here is the step by step tutorial to create the look: 
  • Step 1: Prime your lids using your favorite primer. I have used MAC Painterly Pot. 
  • Step 2: Using a MAC 224 type of fluffy brush, apply a wash of medium brown shade (a shade or two darker than your skin tone) in your crease. I have used MAC Cork.

  • Step 3: Darken the outer part of your crease using a darker brown shade on a  MAC 222 brush type of brush. I have used MAC Espresso

  • Step 4: Apply MAC Cranberry eyeshadow using a flat stiff shade brush on the lid and blend it using MAC 224. 

  • Step 5: Apply MAC Jest eyeshadow in the inner third of the lid, just to brighten up the eyes. 

  • Step 6: Tightline using a black eye liner pencil. I have used Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero. Apply a black eyeliner on your upper lash line Clinique Gel eyeliner in True Black. Smudge a little bit of Espresso under your outer lower lash line. Finish the look with Black Mascara Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. 

Here are some more pictures of the look. 

So, girlies what are you waiting for? Pull out all those crazy shades and bring them in your everyday looks. 

Hope this post was helpful to some of you. 


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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fatal Red - Review, Pictures & Look!

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well and are happy and healthy. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Range of lipsticks is not new in the market. They are one of their wonderful discoveries. The range has 33 sensational captivating shades from nudes to bright pinks and plums to sensational reds, My Mahogany being the most famous nude shades from this range. Now days I am going through bright lipsticks phase, so, picked up a red shade called 'Fatal Red'

The company describes that one would love these lipsticks because of its crispier color, rich pigmentation and moisturizing properties due to Honey Nectar.

Well, nothing exaggerated by the company. It has everything that it claims i.e. amazing color pay-off and moisturizing that you don’t want to apply a gloss on top of it.

Fatal Red is a just a true red, neither blue based nor warmer blue, just a beautiful RED that it is FATAL. This will suit a variety of skin tones, both warmer and cooler tones and a range of skin colors, from very pale and fair to darker. On very pale and fair, the shade may look a little bit darker, but on medium & darker skins this would look awesome.  In the entire range, this shade is the most eye catching and vibrant shade.

Its pigmentation and color pay-off is to die for, just a couple of swipes and voila! You are good to go! I also like how shiny they are and how nicely it brighten up the otherwise simple look.

Staying power is also decent. It lasted for more than 4 hours on me, after which it started losing its shine and looked more as a stain than a lipstick, which is not a problem for me. I just applied a little bit of lip balm on the stain and it was as good as freshly applied lipstick, of course with little less intensity of color.

Price: INR 290/-. For the quality of product, this is nothing.

Packaging wise also it’s decent, but, it is prone to getting finger prints which might be an issue with some. It comes in a red translucent plastic case and a steel tube inside. For the price and quality of product, packaging is the least bothering criteria for me.

Overall, its a lovely red color with a pretty shine which would look good on warmer as well as cooler toned beauties and fairer and darker beauties. I am fully satisfied with this shade.

Here are the pictures of the lipstick and how it looks on me: 

I hope you all liked the Fatal Red on me! :-)

Lots of Love

Thursday, 14 June 2012

MAC Show Orchid Lipstick!

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well and are having a great week so far! 

So, first of all  I have to tell you  all that I had an eye on this lipstick for sometime but never knowing that this was a pro shade and it's part of some LE collections. So, when I saw a dear friend,Rashmi  from Indyabeauty, wearing this, I decided that I have to have it at any cost. So, when I asked her from where she bought this lippie, she immediately arranged it for me through her brother. So, you can imagine how nice she is and how helpful she is. I am blessed to have her as a friend. I don't have enough words to thank her for getting this for me. And also want to THANK HER for inspiring me to go bold with lipstick shades and try some naughty unusual shades! 

Ok, now coming to the lipstick, its a magenta shade with very fine violet sheen to it. It looks AMAZING. I fell in love as soon as saw it. I have not tested and tried it enough to review it, which I will review shortly. This post is more from Thanking my friend and showing her and all of you how it looks on me I am sure that this is going to win my heart (which it already has, for the its shade and color pay-off) in all terms.  I will not hold on to your breath for long time. Here are the pictures swatches and me with this lippie.

w/o flash
with flash

Here, I am wearing this lipstick with neutral eye make-up and a very soft blush, as I didn't want them to compete with the beautiful shade of lipstick.

Guys, please let me know how does this look on me and do I fair with this lipstick?

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Lots of love

Monday, 4 June 2012

Blush Horizon De Chanel - Soft Glow Blush

Hey Everyone

I hope you all are having a great time.

As promised, here is the detailed review of the Chanel Soft Glow Blush.

Some pictures:

The Box

This is what is there in The Box




I am sure you must have enjoyed watching the pictures of the blush.

When I saw this blush first when it was released as part of Chanel's Spring 2012 collection, I had decided to have it at any cost. So, when I saw it in the store at Palladium Mall, I immediately purchased it.

This is a striped blushed with shades varying from white - peach - soft pink - bright pink - plum with very fine shimmer. These stripes are divided in two shades - Peach and Pink. So, it actually has two shades in one box. Both shades are very soft and give a very natural glowing flushed look. 

It blends well into your skin, like a dream and with no extra effort. One can never go wrong with this blush. 

The color pay-off is superb from a light wash of color to buildable. It stays put for a really long time. On me it lasts for more than 7-8 hours, after which I notice a little bit of fading. 

It comes with a tiny brush, which I never use to apply (I use MAC 168 brush). But, its a nice brush to travel light and its hair are very very soft. 

It comes in a classic black Chanel box with a mirror inside. The plastic casing, however, gets finger prints which look ugly. But, if you keep it in the pouch which came with the blush, it remains clean as if its fresh and new. I really like that they give a small pouch for the box and the brush, to ensure the cleanliness and neatness. 

Price: INR 3650/-  (yep, it's way too expensive and is a pure luxury, and I don't regret buying this at all)

I am wearing this blush here.

I have applied it very lightly since I don't like very prominent color on my cheeks

I hope you found the review helpful and liked the blush on me.

Lots of Love

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