Thursday, 3 May 2012

"Be Bold"

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well. 

I am going through a bold lipstick phase right now. Anything thing that's lipstick and bright immediately catches my attention and I end up buying. This is what happened when I went to a mall recently and saw Rimmel's counter. I had heard a lot about Rimmel's 'color show off lipsticks', especially about it's rich pigmentation. So, tried them in the store and picked up this shade called "Be Bold". I twitted about this lipstick yesterday. 

It's a beautiful super bright reddish coral shade with satin finish with very tiny and subtle shimmer (which doesn't even show up). It is richly pigmented, one swipe and woyla, you are done. It lasts, whole day, after a full course meal and unlimited cups of tea/ coffee/ drinks/ water and snacks and whatever. IT DOES LAST WHOLE DAY. When I say whole day, I don't mean 24 hours. I applied it at around 8 in the morning and when I came back at 8, it had hardly faded. I had to use a wet wipe to remove lipstick. 

As it has a satiny finish, it doesn't hydrate your lips all throughout the day and you may feel slight dryness after sometime, if you haven't moisturized your lips well before applying the lipstick. 

And, all this at INR 415/-, only. Yep, that's kind of throw away, considering what it offers. I mentioned in my tweet that it was for INR 215/-, I am sorry, for that. I misunderstood it for something else. 

On to packaging, I didn't like it much. Doesn't look very pleasant to eyes, but that doesn't matter so long as the product does what it claims. 

It has a sweet citrus-fruity smell, which, could be a deterrent to some, but, to me that's absolutely fine with me so long as I am getting the product does the job well. 

Overall, it's a winner and absolute stunner and if you really want a stunning lipstick and in expensive, try this stunner. I guarantee, you will be more than happy. :-)

So ladies, here is the bold and beautiful lipstick: 

And here is me wearing this beautiful lipstick.

Close-up of eye make-up: 

Break-up of make-up and products used:
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer 'Dark'
  • MAC Select cover-up concealer in NC43
  • MUFE Matte velvet + foundation #55
  • Dior Nude Poudre 
  • Nars blush in Torrid
  • Nars Albatros highlighter
Eyes (MAC Eyeshadows):
  • Paint Pot in Rubensque
  • Patina on inner half of the lid
  • Bronze on outer half
  • Cork to blend
  • Mulch in crease
  • Espresso to darken the outer corner and under the lower lash line
  • Shroom in the tear duct
  • Vanilla under the brows
  • Clinique Gel liner in True Black on upper lash line
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil Zero in waterlines 
  • Revlon Grow luscious mascara
Rimmel color show off lipstick - Be Bold

I hope you liked the lipstick on me and found the review helpful. Let me know, if your have tried Rimmel lipsticks and which is your favorite shade. 

If, you feel, that the pictures in this post are more clearer and crispier and are better than all of my previous post's pictures, then PLEASE let me know. I have changed the camera. No, I haven't bought a new one, but, I am using my brother's camera. 

I am heading for a week long vacation to my husband's home town tomorrow. I am really excited, as it was a much needed break after a really long time. Even, my boss felt so for me, so, you can guess, what I am going through at work these days! 

So, ladies take care of yourselves and be happy and healthy. 

Lots of love


  1. it looks fab and bold.i love the way you are wearing it with so much of confidence.

  2. I definitely see the improvement in image quality, was jumping to the comment section to comment on that when I read u're using ur brother's camera. the lippie shade is beautiful! have a good vacation :)

  3. @ Anamika: Thanks dear :-)
    @ Corallista: Thank you so much. :-)

  4. This is a lovely shade Esha..u r very beautiful..i've been a silent reader of ur blog all these days...following u...I have started writing one now..pls do visit and support..

  5. Thanks Preetha. That's so sweet of you. :-)

  6. Hiyee...nice color...I loved the rich pigmentation! Btw where has Rimmel opened? any idea?

  7. Hi Neeraj, Thanks. I bought it from Center One, Vashi. :-)


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