Friday, 27 April 2012

The famous Nars "O" Blush

Hey everyone

Hope you all are having a great time. 

I am sure most of you make-up fanatics have guessed which blush I mean by "O". Yep, the oooooooooooooooohhh.... aaaaaaaaaaaah.... blush. I don't know what was there in Nars' teams' mind when they named this blush. I think this blush is more famous because of it's name, proving Shakespeare's famous quote wrong. I am sure, had this blush been given a different name this would not have been as famous as it is now. 
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Okay, enough about it's name. Coming to blush, its a beautiful  peachy pink blush with golden shimmer. Be it a Smokey eye look during the day or night or any other bright crazy look, you would want to reach the "O". (Don't get me wrong here). It's quite pigmented (you can see it's traces on the sides of the pan), but the color pay-off is not as great or intense as it looks in the pan (the swatches are hardly visible). You have to really build-it up to get a decent color on your cheeks.On my skin coloring (NC37-40), however more I build it up, it never shows up as vivid as it looks in the pan (you can hardly see the blush on me), and,  this what it saddens me a lot. Probably that is why it's great for any eye look, especially when your eye's are the focus of your make-up. The golden shimmer gives your cheeks a nice golden glow, and it's never too much. But, still I reach for this blush becuase it gives a lovely golden peachy glow without too cheek s screaming "Hello, I am wearing blush".

On packaging, all Nars blushes, would get a BIG MINUS from me. It  comes in standard Nars black color velvet pan, which I HATE. It attracts too much dust and always look shabby and dirty. 

I have this blush for almost a year and I have hardly made a dent in the pan even though I reach this blush very often. I got this blush through my brother from UK. Now a days Nars blushes available on Strawberrynet. Though, I don't see this blush in stock, now a days. When my brother bought it from UK last year, it costed him around £ 20.50/-. On Strawberrynet Nars blushes are available for ~INR 1700/-.

Overall, it's a nice blush to have in your kitty, if you can easily get it (as it is not easily available in India), but, not to struggle to get it at ridiculous high cost. I will say, you would like this blush if you like playing safe with your blushes and don't like too much color on your cheeks and are paler than me. 

Here are some pictures swatches and me wearing this blush: 

I hope the review was helpful to you guys. 

Have a great weekend guys. My weekend starts tomorrow afternoon after a review meeting with senior management in the Company. 

Lot's of love

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  1. u look u think it will look good on me ?

  2. Hi ana... thanks. I am not sure, if it would really show up on you, but yes if you just want a flush of glow, then it's would definitely look good on you. But, my suggestion would be don't struggle too hard to get this blush. You already have much better products than this one. :-)

  3. luks beautiful on u Eesh! i've been lemming nars blushes for soooo long! cant wait hold mine :)

  4. Thanks Zara. Nars blushes are to die for. :D

  5. My skin tone is similar, between NC37-40 and this is really useful cos I think this is how it would look on me too. I have my eyes on NARS Amour!

  6. @ Corallista: Yep, it doesn't really show up. Amour is a beauty. Will review it for you. :-)


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