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Foundation application becomes easy with Sigma F80 & F82

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When I newly started with make-up a couple of years back, I used to mix my foundation in my moisturizer and apply it just like one applies moisturizer rubbing all over the face! Then over the years, I saw a lot of YT videos to learn the foundation application technique and saw a lot of them using the duo fiber stippling brush for that flawless foundation application. So, I started using a duo fiber stippling brush (Vega's duo fiber brush). It did the job pretty well, but, absorbed a lot of foundation. Probably that was a con of using a cheap brush for foundation application. Then happened a miracle at Sigma and they launched their famous set of Brushes - Sigma F80, F82, F84 and F8, F80 and F82 being most raved about brushes for foundation application. I wanted F80 & F82 ever since they were launched but the shipping cost always stopped me from buying, but, last month I bought them without thinking much about the shipping cost. Yep, I bought both the brushes, F80 and F82, and I am not at all regretful about the impulsive purchase. They are awesome in all senses.

Sigma F80 
This one is a flat top synthetic kabuki brush, which can be used as a buffer brush to blend powder or liquid foundation.

Sigma F82
This one is a round top synthetic kabuki brush, perfect for precise application under the eyes or around the nose and for a flawless coverage of liquid or powder foundation.

I can't believe how soft these brushes are, just like dream give such ice feeling of luxury while using. I use these brushes alternately to apply my liquid foundation and they both does an excellent job. My foundation was never so flawless. It's much more dense than any duo fiber brush.

F80 v/s F82
F82 brush's hair are more densely packed and are curved on top unlike F80, as you can see the pictures below. With F82 application around nose and under the eyes is slightly easier, because of it's round shape and I feel that F82 gives more coverage because of it's densely packed hair. Except for this they are very similar in nature and give exactly the same results.

Right: F80
If you can see, they are slightly stained, but they are cleaned. Although, they say that as they are mae of synthetic fibers, it is easy to clean them. This is one drawback, which may bother some, that they get stained. I wash them after every use, hence, they are not as stained as I have seen on many blogger's sites. I think they would stain, if not washed after every use. I use my shampoo to wash them and it does a good job. I have not experienced any shedding of hair so far, while washing them. They take around 14-15 hours to completely dry, which to me, is a BIG disadvantage.This is why I have to use them alternately. If you have only one of them then long drying time will be a big disadvantage. [This is the drying time when the climate is warm and dry, don't know what would happen when it's humid and wet (monsoons).]

Overall, I would say that they are awesome brushes as far as their job is concerned. I am loving them and I feel that my foundation application has become much easier and flawless with these brushes. For recommending, I think, we all are wise enough to decide what is good/ bad for us. So, I leave it to you to decide for yourselves whether you want these brushes or not, but in my opinion they are fabulous and a must have brushes for foundation application.

I hope that they review was useful to some of you.

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  1. I too have F80 and simply love it...

  2. @ Shalini: Yeah they are awesome :-)

  3. I want Sigmaaa!!!!! this luk so fab Eesh..

  4. Yeah Zara. they are super soft and fab :-)

  5. I have been wanting to buy these since long time and for me too shipping cost is a concern :( planning to get these next month :)

  6. I love F80...its a lovely brush...planning to buy the entire set though...and also The Performance set..dunno which to prioritize..LOl

  7. Oh my. I love these brushes to bits. but the shipping ia s b@#*h. But I want to buy them anyway.......Eesha, can we have a photo tut of the foundation with these two brushes.

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  9. I have the F80 and I love it. If you want it to dry quicker, Sigma has this Dry n Shape thingie that you push the brush into and it will dry much faster. I think they claim the drying time is 4-6 hours. It does work. I usually wash my brushes at night and by morning (about 8 hours later) they are ready to be used if I dry it with the Dry n Shape :)

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