Saturday, 3 December 2011

MAC Blush in Fleur Power - Pictures, Swatches, Review

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great week. I am extremely sorry for missing in action for almost a week without any information. I had a very hectic week as we had the Chairman review of the project, that I am presently working on. I was so waiting for the weekend to come and I am happy that finally it's weekend. 

Now, over to the product that I am going to review in the post - MAC's powder blush in Fleur Power, which is a soft pinkish-coral shade in Satin finish. It has right amount of pink & coral and because it is satin finish and doesn't have any shimmer or glitter it is a great blush for every day wear. 

Pigmentation and color pay-off is awesome and it's buildable to desired intensity. Stays put for good 6-7 hours without fading. It's versatile to be paired with any eye look and would work across the skin tones. It gives a beautifully glowing flushes look. This has become my absolute favorite blush lately. 

I will recommend it everyone and if you still don't have this blush then I would say you are definitely missing a beauty in your stash of blushes. 

Here are some pictures, swatches and me wearing this blush in some of looks: 

Hope the review was helpful. 

Have a great weekend.



  1. Just too pretty ..loved the swatch:)

  2. @Ana: It is a pretty blush, go get it. :-)

  3. lovely as ever.. wats the ls ur wearing in both the pics?

  4. @ Sahar: Yeah, it is dear. :-)
    @ Rekha: Thanks :-)
    I am wearing Revlon Color Burst lipstick Soft Rose in first pic and MAC Captive in the second. :-)

  5. Such a pretty shade Eesha. Loving your pic with Revlon Soft Rose.

  6. @Novice Makeup: Yeah it is. Gives a nice flushed look :-)
    @ Parul: Thanks Parul. :-)

  7. this is the only MAC blush I own! Love it!

  8. @ G.G.G.: Thanks a lot Poorni :-)

  9. yes, i am definitley missing a beauty in my stash :(

  10. wow me getting soft rose for sure :D


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