Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Mauve

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and had a great week so far. 

Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Mauve is a pinky-mauve shade. I have it for sometime now and I must say that it's a lovely shade and looks good on my NC 40 skin. 

Like all other Color Burst lipsticks, this one is also glossy and moisturizing and has amazing pigmentation and color pay off. It stays put for good 4-5 hours, after which reapplication is required. 

This shade is wearable across the skin tones and would not wash out anybody. Easy to carry and versatile. For added drama you can apply a purple/mauve lipgloss on top. I love MAC's Gone Romancing Dazzleglass (Tartan Collection) over it (wish I had a picture to show how lovely it looks if paired with a purple/ mauve lipgloss).

I would recommend it to everybody, if your haven't tried it so far then, go and do try this, I am sure you will be very happy. 

Here are some pictures and a quick and easy FOTD: 


Hope the review was helpful and hope you liked the shade on me. 

Have a great remaining week. 



  1. Looks nice on you. What outfit did you pair it with?

  2. very pretty Eesha..

    i love how moisturizing they are

  3. @ Novice Makeup: Thanks. I generally pair it up with blue/ green dresses. :-)

  4. @ G.G.G.: Thanks Poorni. Yeah I too like their moisturizing property.
    @ Ani: Yeah it is. Do try it out. :-)

  5. I love such pinky nude shades but lipsticks are just not my thing:)

  6. @ Emm: This doesn't translate into a nude shade but a true mauve shade. You don't use lipsticks???

  7. I got this recently and i am totally loving it :)

  8. looks fantastic on u Eesh...m yet t see a shade which doesnt suit u! u hav very very gud taste i must say...

  9. @Rekha: Yeah it's a lovely shade.
    @ Zara: Awww.... thank you so much sweetie. :-)


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