Friday, 11 November 2011

MAC Fluidline in MacroViolet - Pictures, Swatches, Review!

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a great week and must have geared up for the weekend. 

You must have noticed me wearing MAC's fluidline in MacroViolet in some of the FOTD's recently. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Dipdown are very famous and have got rave reviews across the world. I have been using the fluidlines for almost a year and they are still very fine and have not dried at all. So, I thought of investing a colored fluid for a change. 

MacroViolet is a deep smoked purple with red pearl. I find it a everyday color especially when you don't want to use a harsh black liner. It definitely gives a nice pop of color. When dried it looks almost black  but still doesn't loose it's purple shade and at the same time not as harsh as black. 

I have never used any of the fluidlines in the waterline so I am  not sure of it's effectiveness and it's performance in the waterline. But, on the lashline it's performance is at par with other fluidlines. 

It's comes a typical MAC Fluidline transparent glass jar with a plastic black lid. It costs INR 1100/- for 3 gms, which I feel is good value for money because it will last you a long time, especially if you switch your eyeliner everyday then it's going to last you lifetime. 

A tip to store fluidlines is to keep it upside down, which help retain the moisture in the top layers and prevents drying and hence, product lasting for a more longer duration. 

Overall, I am really liking MacroViolet and have been using it very regularly.

Here are some pictures, swatches and some looks where I have used MacroViolet: 

Hope you all liked it. 

Have a great weekend. 



  1. nice colour...btw which mascara do u use..luks quite gud :)

  2. it looks soo b'tfl di :D n uv got pretty lashes ;)

  3. @allaboutladies: Thanks. I have used Estee Lauder Lash lengthening mascara in all these pics :-)
    @ Prettyeyemakeup: Thank you Upasana and stay around. :-)

  4. such a delicate dainty line...! how did you manage such precise application? kudos on the steady hand :)

  5. You have done the line very well Eesha..The colour looks nice on you..but I think I am loving Dark Diversion a tad bit more..

  6. @ Novice Makeup: Thank you so much. It's just practice Anks.

    @ G.G.G.: Thank you Poorni and don't put salt on my burns. I so wanted to buy Dark Diversion. :( :(

  7. oh no... thats just my preference Eesha..coz i love the plummy purple type more than a true blue purple

  8. @ G.G.G.: Oh thats fine Poorni... Was trying to be smuggy their. ;)


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