Saturday, 19 November 2011

MAC Blushcreme in Posey: Review, Pictures, Swatches & Looks!

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Hope you all are having a great weekend! 

It’s dry and arid climate almost in all parts of the country. Perfect time to get indulged in some cream products and hence, went to MAC a few weeks back and picked up Blushcreme in Posey. Ok, now when I came back home I realized I wanted to buy Creamblend Blush in Posey and felt extremely sad about the expensive mistake I made. To add to my misery, I couldn’t find really good reviews of Blushcremes online, almost all reviewers complaining about it being gloopy, tacky and difficult in blending compared to Creamblends. But, since the damage was done, I had to at least try it myself to come out of prejudice and make an honest opinion.

First day when I tried it, with the gloopiness and tackiness at the back of my mind, to my surprise it blended very easily using a duo fibre stippling brush. Also, I didn’t find it very heavy on the skin or sticky, if that make sense. So, it won the first test of blending. Then over the day I checked the blush almost every hour and I was surprised that it was there as it is till the evening. So, it stays put for 6-7 hours for sure. Ok, now I have acne prone oily skin and easily breaks out. So, to really check it, I had to try it several times. I have been wearing it for almost 2-3 weeks and it didn't break me out at all. So, it has won my heart as a cream blush, but, how does it compare to the Creamblend blushes, I have no idea as I don’t have any Creamblend blushes, I will have to buy Creamblend blush for comparison. ;) 

The shade is a pretty bright pink which gives you rosey pink cheeks. The colour intensity is awesome; you can apply it lightly for a day time flushed look and build it up for an evening look.

So, girls here are the pictures swatches and some looks I tried this blush with: 


Hope you all liked it on me. So, guys do to try it over this season. 



  1. woooow..the colour luks amazing on ur finger n on the swatch..

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  3. I love blush cremes and this looks abs gorgeous on you=)

    Oh and do join in :) Konad Nail Stamping Kit Giveaway

  4. That's a gorgeous color, but I am not a big fan of MAC's cream blushes, I only have one and I think it will be the ONLY cream blush I'll ever get from MAC. I am currently loving Stila's convertible color as a cream blush; it is simply awesome...although not completely "fluid" and is kind of frigid in texture, but goes on super smooth and blends very naturally. Hmm I kind of wrote another review in the comment :D But do look into it if you love yoru cream blushes and you look gorgeous, my dear!

  5. @ AOYV: Thanks Shivani. I will surely try the Stilla ones. I am also eyeing MUFE HD Cream blushes. :D

  6. Eesh, is this like tea rose? its so nice and creamy..perfect for this season :)

  7. @ Zara: I have not tried tea rose Z.... I did swatch it but don't remember the exact shade and difference. Sorry :(

  8. wow...this is so creamy..The MUFE ones arent as much creamy as this..

  9. @ G.G.G.: Yeah they are creamy. Are you talking about MUFE HD Cream blushes?

  10. yup...MUFE HD cream blushes..they are soft and creamy, easy to blend, highly pigmented and all that...but not so buttery like this..I have reviewed one..i dunno if u get what im trying to dewy feel


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