Friday, 4 November 2011

Love That Red - NOTD

Hello Everyone, 

I was never a nail polish girl or rather I will say I would never go for very bright/ catchy nail polishes. But ever since I started blogging, I started getting inspired by many fellow bloggers who do beautiful nail art and do sport bright nail polishes with elan. Nail art, though, seem far from me! Anyways, so my inspiration pushed me to buy a few bright nail polishes liked reds, bright pinks, greens etc. which I will share with you in the upcoming posts. 

Now, coming to the post, Love That Red from Revlon is a pretty flat pinkish red shade without any shimmer or glitter. Now, as the fall/ winter is almost here, it's a perfect shade for the season also. 

It costed me around INR 115/- which is pretty OK. 

Comes in signature Revlon glass bottle with black plastic cap.

It dries super fast and I don't have sit for a long time just waiting for my nail polish to dry. It's quite opaque but as a habit I applied two coats. With one coat it almost take the sane color as in the bottle and with two coats it's almost warm red. 

I do a lot of chores at home like and nail polishes start chipping from the edges very soon, but, I am on the forth day and it has barely chipped. 

Overall, it's a nice and very feminine shade and would recommend it to everyone if you like playing with bright nail polishes and  especially teenager girls would definitely love to have it in their kitty. 

Here are some pictures of the 'Love That Red':

Hope you liked the shade.



  1. Looks really nice!Everyday bright kind. I think it would look equally nice as a pedi.
    Revlon has some really nice polishes these days,no?

  2. @ Nirah: Yeah it's a lovely shade and moreover I am astonished with it's staying power, otherwise all nail polishes start chipping very quickly on my nails.


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