Friday, 25 November 2011

Smoldering Taupe Eye Make-up Look

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a great Friday. 

The main e/s used to create this looks is MAC Unflappable from MAC's Peacocky Collection. I know I know, this collection is ages old, but, I really wanted to share the look with you all as it is neutral as well as dramatic and I really like this look. (Some of the Peacocky Collection Mega Metal e/s are still available in MAC stores).
So, here is the look and the products used to create this look: 

Products Used: 
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in "Dark" 
  • MAC Select Cover up Concealer in NC 43
  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli
  • MAC MSF NAtural in Medium-Dark
  • MAC Blush in Fleu Power
  • Guerlain Bronzer Terracotta # 20

  • MAC Paint pot in Painterly as base
  • MAC e/s in Unflappable on lid leaving inner third and smudged under outer 2/3rd of lower lashline
  • Urban Decay Naked to blend  the lid color and smudged under the outer third of the lower lashline
  • Urban Decay Creep in Outer V
  • Urban Decay Virgin as brow highlight
  • MAC e/s in Prance in the inner third of the lid left blank and inner third of the lower lash line
  • MAC Fluidline in Black Track upper lashline
  • Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero in water lines
  • MAC Zoom lash mascara in Zoom Black
  • Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Soft Rose
  • Revlon Super lustrous lipgloss in Rose 
Some more pictures and close-up of eye make-up: 

Hope you all liked the look. 

Have a great weekend. 


Sigma Make-up Black Friday Sale - Free worldwide shipping

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Hope you all are doing well. 

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Happy shopping.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Mauve

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and had a great week so far. 

Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Mauve is a pinky-mauve shade. I have it for sometime now and I must say that it's a lovely shade and looks good on my NC 40 skin. 

Like all other Color Burst lipsticks, this one is also glossy and moisturizing and has amazing pigmentation and color pay off. It stays put for good 4-5 hours, after which reapplication is required. 

This shade is wearable across the skin tones and would not wash out anybody. Easy to carry and versatile. For added drama you can apply a purple/mauve lipgloss on top. I love MAC's Gone Romancing Dazzleglass (Tartan Collection) over it (wish I had a picture to show how lovely it looks if paired with a purple/ mauve lipgloss).

I would recommend it to everybody, if your haven't tried it so far then, go and do try this, I am sure you will be very happy. 

Here are some pictures and a quick and easy FOTD: 


Hope the review was helpful and hope you liked the shade on me. 

Have a great remaining week. 


Monday, 21 November 2011

Mystical Teals make-up!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

MAC e/c in Club (reviewed here) is such pretty eyeshadow that I can't stop loving it. It's mystical teal/ green duo-chrome makes it even more beautiful. Here is the look which I sported over the weekend using Club eyeshadow. 

Products Used:
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Dark (reviewed here)
  • MAC Select Cover up concealer in NC43
  • Nars Sheer glow foundation in Stromboli (reviewed here)
  • MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark
  • MAC Blush in Pinch o' peach
  • MAC Cream Color Base in Hush (Reviewed here)
  • MAC paint pot in painterly as base
  • MAC Club e/s all over the lid and outer 2/3rd of lower lash line 
  • MAC Cork e/s in crease to blend Club
  • MAC Embark in Outer V and outer third of the lower lashline , very close to lashes. 
  • MAC Ricepaper e/s as brow highlight
  • MAC e/s in Shimmermoss in the inner third of the lid and lower lash line
  • MAC Vanilla pigment patted on the highest point of the brow arch. 
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero (water lines)
  • MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack on upper lash line
  • MAC Zoom lash mascara in Zoom black
  • MAC See Sheer lipstick
  • MAC Lipglass in Cultured 
Here are some more pictures and close-up of the look:

Hope you all liked the look. 

Have a great week ahead. 


Saturday, 19 November 2011

MAC Blushcreme in Posey: Review, Pictures, Swatches & Looks!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 

It’s dry and arid climate almost in all parts of the country. Perfect time to get indulged in some cream products and hence, went to MAC a few weeks back and picked up Blushcreme in Posey. Ok, now when I came back home I realized I wanted to buy Creamblend Blush in Posey and felt extremely sad about the expensive mistake I made. To add to my misery, I couldn’t find really good reviews of Blushcremes online, almost all reviewers complaining about it being gloopy, tacky and difficult in blending compared to Creamblends. But, since the damage was done, I had to at least try it myself to come out of prejudice and make an honest opinion.

First day when I tried it, with the gloopiness and tackiness at the back of my mind, to my surprise it blended very easily using a duo fibre stippling brush. Also, I didn’t find it very heavy on the skin or sticky, if that make sense. So, it won the first test of blending. Then over the day I checked the blush almost every hour and I was surprised that it was there as it is till the evening. So, it stays put for 6-7 hours for sure. Ok, now I have acne prone oily skin and easily breaks out. So, to really check it, I had to try it several times. I have been wearing it for almost 2-3 weeks and it didn't break me out at all. So, it has won my heart as a cream blush, but, how does it compare to the Creamblend blushes, I have no idea as I don’t have any Creamblend blushes, I will have to buy Creamblend blush for comparison. ;) 

The shade is a pretty bright pink which gives you rosey pink cheeks. The colour intensity is awesome; you can apply it lightly for a day time flushed look and build it up for an evening look.

So, girls here are the pictures swatches and some looks I tried this blush with: 


Hope you all liked it on me. So, guys do to try it over this season. 


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bronze/ Coral look with a pop of Plum!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and having a great week so far. 

The other day I was just digging up my MAC eye-shadows and adoring them and realized that I have not used Tempting for a while and created this look using Tempting e/s and giving it a pop of plum using MAC's Captive lipstick (Reviewed here)and flushed peachy-pink cheeks. I didn't want to do a typical bronze smokey eye kinda look, so, added coral touch it. 

I don't claim it to be a super dramatic or creative look, but I really loved the way it turned out and thought I should share with you guys. 

It's a very simple look to achieve with the eye-shadow application techniques explained here

Products Used: 
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer "Dark"
  • MAC Select Cover up concealer in NC42 to hide blemishes
  • MAC pro long wear foundation in NC40 (I am trying a new foundation and got a sample from the store)
  • MAC Blush in Fleur Power  
  • MAC Paint pot in Painterly as base 
  • MAC Tempting e/s - all over the lid
  • MAC Paradisco e/s - crease and blending the lid color
  • MAC Center Stage e/s - outer V and smudged under the lower lash line 
  • MAC Naked Lunch e/s - brow highlight
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero - water lines 
  • MAC Zoomlash mascara in Zoom Black
  • MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
  • MAC lipstick in Captive
  • MAC lipglass in Cultured 
Here are some more pice/ close-up of the look: 

Without flash
Hope you all liked it! 

Have a great week ahead. Aha, it's the second last day of the week. :D :D 


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Glittery/ Jazzy Purple & Blue Party Look!

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you all are having a great week! 

Here is the look which I wore for a family dinner party over the weekend. I really loved the way it turned out. It's definitely a look for party or a fun night out in the town. Without wasting anytime, let's get on to the look! 

Products Used:
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Dark
  • MAC Select Cover Up concealer to hide blemishes
  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli
  • MAC MSF Natural in Medium-Dark 
  • MAC Blushcreme in Posey 
  • MUFE Uplight Face Illuminator to highlight 
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion 
  • MAC e/s in Hepcat - all over the lid and lower lash line
  • MAC e/s in Contrast - Lid & lower lash line overlapping Hepcat but, very close to lashes so that Hepcat peeks out. 
  • Mac e/s in Graphology - Outer V and outer 3rd of the lower lashline, again very very close to lashes 
  • MAC Glitter pigment in Pearl - on the center of the lid (it's not showing up well in the pictures, but it does give dramatic pop to the entire look) 
  • Estee Lauder Gel Eyeliner in Stay Midnight 
  • MAC Zoom Lash mascara in Zoom Black
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in the water lines 
  • MAC Lipglass in Nymphette 

Hope you all like it and hope that you all will try it with whatever products that you may have. 

Have a great week ahead. 


Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Blush

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a great week so far! 

This is for you Poorni! :-) 

Revlon Color Burst lipsticks are not new in the in beauty world. I love them a lot because they are cheaper and have really good quality. It's a complete winner for me, color pay-off, pigmentation, coverage, longevity, everything is just awesomely packaged in a tube which costs INR 550/-. Isn't it a great deal especially when you compare it with MAC and other higher end brands. (Of course when I say this, it doesn't mean that I don't like MAC lipsticks or other higher brands. I still love them and would them in future). They come in a wide range of shades from nudes to reds to berries to fuchsias. A great inexpensive product with quality of high end lipsticks. 

I have 6 of them and Rosey Nude, Blush & Raspberry are my favourite shades among all of them, or I use them most, at least twice thrice a week, among all other shades. You must noticed me wearing Blush & Rosey Nude in a lot of posts. They are just awesome and go with any eye-makeup or look or dress. But, for this post I am reviewing Blush shade. It's a pretty soft pink shade with very slight shimmer, which is not even really noticeable, but it gives a nice glow to it. On it's own it slightly washes me out, so I mostly use it with a lipgloss. As it is I love applying gloss over lipstick, for more moisturizing and  hydrating my lips, so it's not really a con for me. I usually pair it up with MAC Lipglass in Cultured, they make an awesome combo, huh, just love it! 

Here are some pics of Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Blush and me wearing it different looks: 

Paired with bronze smokey eyes and MAC Cultured lipglass
Paired with Gold/ purple eyes and Faces lipgloss in Bare Pink
Paired with Copper eyes and MAC Cultured lipglass
Hope you all liked it. Which is your favorite Revlon Color Burst Lipstick? 

Have a great week ahead. 


Friday, 11 November 2011

MAC Fluidline in MacroViolet - Pictures, Swatches, Review!

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a great week and must have geared up for the weekend. 

You must have noticed me wearing MAC's fluidline in MacroViolet in some of the FOTD's recently. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Dipdown are very famous and have got rave reviews across the world. I have been using the fluidlines for almost a year and they are still very fine and have not dried at all. So, I thought of investing a colored fluid for a change. 

MacroViolet is a deep smoked purple with red pearl. I find it a everyday color especially when you don't want to use a harsh black liner. It definitely gives a nice pop of color. When dried it looks almost black  but still doesn't loose it's purple shade and at the same time not as harsh as black. 

I have never used any of the fluidlines in the waterline so I am  not sure of it's effectiveness and it's performance in the waterline. But, on the lashline it's performance is at par with other fluidlines. 

It's comes a typical MAC Fluidline transparent glass jar with a plastic black lid. It costs INR 1100/- for 3 gms, which I feel is good value for money because it will last you a long time, especially if you switch your eyeliner everyday then it's going to last you lifetime. 

A tip to store fluidlines is to keep it upside down, which help retain the moisture in the top layers and prevents drying and hence, product lasting for a more longer duration. 

Overall, I am really liking MacroViolet and have been using it very regularly.

Here are some pictures, swatches and some looks where I have used MacroViolet: 

Hope you all liked it. 

Have a great weekend.