Monday, 3 October 2011

MAC 'Hibiscus' Lipstick from Surf Baby Collection!

Hey Guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was a fun-filled weekend  including some shopping (this time of my husband) and one MAC lippy for me which ended with a dinner at a five star hotel. :D 

Guys since I saw the swatches and pictures of the Hibiscus lipstick from Surf Baby collection on Temptalia, I had decided to have it and finally the day came to own this beauty "Hibiscus". It's beautiful orangy-red color in famous Creemsheen formula. 

I would like to use it, probably a couple of days more, to review it properly, but as of now I really liked the formula and color pay-off and the shade itself. Below are some pictures and a quick FOTD using Hibiscus! 

So, guys this Hibiscus on me! Do you like it on me and what did you pick up from Surf Baby collection? 

Have a lovely week ahead.



  1. I love Hibiskis! I wanted to get it too but didn't have enough money at the time =) Looks great on you!

  2. @ Lizzy: So sad that you missed it!

  3. This luks soooooooooo gorgeous!

  4. @ Zara: Yeah, it is. Thanks for stopping by Zara. I will be looking forward for your comments. Stay around. :)

  5. beautifulllllll....

    loved it on you Eesha..I have been eyeing this from the time I saw swatches online...

  6. @G.G.G.: Thanks Poornima. I was also desperate to get it from the time I saw it on Temptalia. :D

  7. woo looks hot on you!!...& the packaging is so cute!!!

  8. @ Glamorous Barbie: Thanks so much. Yeah, a cute change from MAC's typical black & silver packaging. :)

  9. Love this lipstick, it suits you a lot. I love corals. What did you eat that day? I love knowing what other people eat. Nosy, much? lol

  10. Its such a pretty shade! It was out of stock at Andheri and Palladium :( I got the pigment set - Surf the Ocean from this collection.

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  11. Gorggggeeouuussss !!! Hibiscus is so so pretty and looks great on yoU!

  12. it luks gr88 on u easha..i can never think of buying it


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