Tuesday, 18 October 2011

MAC eyeshadow "Twinks" - My first MAC eyeshadow

Hello Everyone,

Whatever you do for the first time in life is always memorable and unforgettable. So is with me when it comes to my first MAC purchase. My first MAC purchase being Techna Kohl liner in Black and Twinks being my one of first four eyeshadows from MAC, yep I bought a Quad when I went to MAC to store look for eyeshadows. And this SA, who is favorite, gave me Cranberry, Sable, Twinks and Antiqued eyeshadows and walked out of the store feeling proud to own 4 MAC eye shadows. I still remember that day and the twinkle in my eyes. I was so happy to own them. I am smiling when I am writing this. :D :D 

Coming to the post, one of very good friends, recently made a post on Twinks eyeshadow on her blog. That made me feel nostalgic  and brought out my emotion and love for this eyeshadow. I agree with my friend that it is not a very unique color and can be easily duped. You can read her review here. But to me this not a reason enough to not like this eyeshadow, probably I am being biased as this my first ever MAC e/s or probably her particular piece was bad or whatever! I so want her to love this e/s and hence this post and FOTD. 

Twinks is a plummy brown eyeshadow in Veluxe Pearl finish. Color pay off and pigmentation is like any other MAC e/s. I like it both as a lid color and as crease color. It's a versatile color and can be beautifully paired with plum eye shadows like Cranberry but also look fabulous with Pinks like Expensive Pink and  neutrals like All That Glitters. Pops up with a brown base and Artifact PP brings out the plum undertones of Twinks. Great color for brown smokey eyes. Twinks will always find it's place in my pick of top 10 neutrals from MAC. 

Below are some pictures, swatches and FOTD using Twinks eyeshadow.

Products Used: 
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
  • MAC Select Cover-up Concealer to hide blemishes
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC40 
  • Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundaion O60 (last few drops remaining in the bottle)
  • MAC Blot Powder
  • MAC Blush in Fleur Power
  • Christian Dior Shimmer Powder - Amber Diamond
  • MAC PP in Painterly as base
  • MAC PP in Constructivist on the lids
  • MAC E/s in Twinks over the Constructivist PP
  • MAC e/s in Wedge to blend 
  • MAC e/s in Smut to darken the outer V
  • MAC Brule to highlight 
  • UD 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero on waterlines and upper lash line, smudged using MAC Handwitten
  • MAC Espresso to fill brows
  • Estee Lauder Lash Lengthening Mascara
  • Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Soft Rose
  • Faces lipgloss in Bare Pink 
Hope you guys liked it. Do you have such memories with you first make-up purchases? 

Hope you are having a great week so far.



  1. pretty shade totally agree wit u...

  2. @ Pavani Reddy: yeah it is... :)

  3. lolz..i was pleasantly surprised by the post title and was wondering how u have yur first MAC eyeshadow..this one is quite famous na..even Rash loves it :)

  4. very pretty shade..............

  5. @ Anamika: LOL... yeah, it has got rave reviews. Somehow, Rashmi didn't quite like it.

    @ Ani: Yeah, it is. Have you tried it?

  6. aww :) i know how it feels :D we sooo love our first purchases and what not isnt it ??
    the color is def. wonderful and yo are looking lovely with this honey

  7. @ Rashmi: yeah esp when it's MAC. Thanks for lovely words dear. :)

  8. first purchases are very special....esp from brands like MAC where you are spending substantial amount of money and time to select stuff...

    I liked it on you Eesha...but sad it didn't work out for R :-((

  9. @ G.G.G.: Yeah, that's why it was memorable to me. Sad R... didn't like it :(

  10. everyone loves this..now i want it too!! hehe

    btw, lovely look...ur face luks so fresh and dewy...perfect!

  11. @ Zara: Thank you so much sweetie :)


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