Wednesday, 19 October 2011

MAC Cream Color Base "Hush" - Review, Pictures, FOTD

Hello Everyone

Diwali is just a week away and I am sure we all are busy cleaning, shopping, making sweets and what not. My preparations are on, on a full swing and hope your preparations too are on a full swing. 

Diwali comes at that time of the year when we start feeling a slight chill in the wind (not applicable for Mumbai though) and our skin starts feeling stretchy and drier. After my bath today,  my skin was a bit stretchy and thought this was appropriate time to take out my cream make-up products like blushes, highlighters, etc to get a nice glow/ dewiness on the face. (As of now, I don't own any cream blushes, though I am planning to get at least one this Diwali). Anyways, I took out my MAC Cream Color Bases and was happily seeing them that wow I will be able to use them now. Ok, so without wasting any time further, let's get on to the product. 

MAC Cream Color Base (as described by MAC): Versatile and multi-purpose, Cream Colour Base can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturizer, or powder. Apply with a brush, sponge, or fingers.  Colour effects range from a light veil to highly dramatic, depending on method of application. 


The following shades are not recommended for use in lip area: Fawntastic and Black. The following shades are not recommended for use in the eye area: Fabulush and Improper Copper. 

They come in a variety of 9 different shades: Luna, Pearl, Hush,  Shell, Fawntastic, Improper Copper, Seaside, Fabulush, Take Root. I have three of them, Pearl, Hush and Improper Copper. 

I mainly use them as cheek highlighter. I have never tried them as an eyeshadow base, I am afraid that they would crease. 

Cream Color Base "Hush"Very rightly described by MAC as Soft Peach with ice shimmer. The shimmer is so light and subtle that it actually looks good and not at all over the top. It gives a  very pretty peachy glow to your cheeks. Looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with MAC blushes like Pinch o Peach and Fleur Power. I have to try pairing them with shimmery blushes. 

Staying power is really good, stays put for more than 4-5 hours on my oily skin without making it look awfully shiny. It's already more than 3 hours I applied it and looks like as if freshly applied. I have acne prone oily skin and it has never broke out on me. Though, it looks awful on me during summers. So, if you have oily skin, avoid using during summers. 

It would suit a wide range of skintones and skin colors. If you want to try any Cream Color Base, Hush is a safe bet. 

Do I recommend: Definitely, both the Cream Color Bases and Hush :)

Here are some pictures, swatches and me with this beauty on:

Hope you liked it on me. Have you tried Cream Color Bases, how was your experience?

Have a great hump day. 



  1. That was a nice choice...I wanted an eye base badly..u know sorta shimmery..Tried this, but since my eyelids are a tad bit pigmented...never looked good. Then I got improper copper...but its not suitable for the eye na...the MUA gave me a sample dibbi...she said..try it..if you have any probs, return the fresh piece unopened and we will exchange it for any im in a trial mode now

  2. @ G.G.G.: Poorni, I have never tried it on my eyes. I am sure it will crease and would look awful. Improper Copper is a lovely shade. I am sure, if not eyes try it on your cheeks as highlighter.

  3. hey Eesh, wud this work welll as a highlighter also?

  4. Hey Z... I use it as a cheek highlighter only :)

  5. i really like this :) will check it out..all the runway shows..the mac mua's use this on the cheeks !


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