Friday, 26 August 2011

Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer - Review

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and are happy & healthy! 

In this era of cut-throat competition, we always strive to walk that extra mile do deliver the best, be it at work or at home.Most of us are part of this competition and are struggling to lead the race. And the result is lack of sleep & stress which results in Dark Circles! The best way to get rid of them is to have at least 6 hours of sound sleep in a day. But, I have them because of hereditary from my mom, so how much ever I sleep & relax they are still there. Mine are still much lighter than those of my mom & my bro. So, I hide them to get rid of them for some time. 

In my tryst to get rid of, read 'hide', those dark circles, I have tried a number of under eye concealers, but none did the job to my satisfaction. After try a lot of concealers from drug store brands to higher end brands, the best concealer for me to hide those raccoon like dark circles is the Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer. 

I love this product very much and use it every single day. This is probably one product I will always stick to, until I find a better option, which I don't think I ever will. It comes a plastic pot like container with a screw cap. I am around NC37-40 and use shade "dark". It is available in four different shades: "Light", "Medium", "Tan", "Dark". 

I got this product from the Eve Pearl's website here

It's a pricey product (USD 42) but it deliver's what it claims and this one pricey product which I would say is worth it! 

Some pro's & con's of this product: 

  • Pro's
    • Gel like formula hence easy to glide on the delicate under eye area
    • Gives full coverage
    • Stays longer and doesn't fade over the day 
    • Doesn't settle in the fine lines or crease
    • You need very tiny amount to do the job and hence would last a lot longer. I have been using it for 6 months now and you can see that a lot is still left in the pot
  • Con's
    • Nothing in the product as such except it's unavailability in India
  • How to apply
    • I use my ring finger to apply. Make sure that you take very tiny amount otherwise it will settle down in the fine lines. 
W/o Concealer

With Concealer. See how nicely it has brightened up my eyes. 
With foundation 
If you are still in search of a perfect under eye concealer, that go for it. I am very sure you will not be disappointed. 

Please note that that the views/ opinions presented here are purely based on my experience with the product and are absolutely unbiased and uninfluenced. I hope this review was helpful to some of you. 

Happy Friday everyone and hope you all have a great Friday night. 



  1. eve pearl has great bases..looks nice..

  2. Hi Bhumika, Which EP have you tried?

  3. Thanks Easha for the review!! Looking forward to get the concealer in my hands!! :)

  4. OMG..............I so so wanted to see ur review..But y didnt u get the TAN concealer?? Isnt this a bit too dark for about layering Dark concealer with Tan or medium as it should look a bit lighter than ur actual skin..Have u got their Dual foundation also??

  5. Much much awaited eesha....Thank you for posting this review...

  6. @ Neeraj: I also thought that Dark was a bit darker for my skin tone, but that's the con of online shopping! I have not tried EP's Dual Foundation. Layering Tan or Medium with Dark is a good idea. But I would like to finish this one and then go for a lighter shade.

    @ GGG: Always welcome dear :)

  7. Hey Eesha!! Nice blog! Do check out mine too! Feels so good to see a fellow Mumbaikar blogging! Go Mumbai!! ;) :D

  8. @ Beingprety: Thanks for stopping by and lovely words :)

  9. Nice article you presented and you did a good job!

  10. good review:)) I also use dual salmon concealer from eve pearl


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