Friday, 1 July 2011

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi - FOTD

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are happy and healthy. 

I went to MAC Store a couple of weeks ago in to pick up Crosswires, but the SA told me to try this particular beauty Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick. Crosswires is more Coral and this one is more pinkier. Since, I already has Sea Sheer from MAC I decided to pick Cyndi. I also wanted to pick the Lipgloss but held myself back. 

Like, all MAC lipsticks this one is very moisturizing and stays for good 4-5 hours. Packaging is like other MAC lipsticks but with red neck and Viva Glam Cyndi crafted beautifully making look glamorous. For me it's a perfect mix of coral-pink-red and it would look flattering on our India skin tone. This definitely is beauty which one should have in the stash. LOVE IT! 

Below are some swatches, pictures and me wearing this beauty. 

Hope you all will try. 

Eesha xoxo


  1. how is the pigmentation ..will it cover pigmented lips?

    and which foundation r u using on yur face..?

  2. It is slightly sheer. But does cover up pigmented lips. I am wearing Shiseido's Dual Balancing foundation in #O60. Why?

  3. I have this too (have misplaced it though in all the house shifting).. Lovely shade na!

  4. The shade looks great on you. I'm really tempted by this shade now! What eye shadow are you wearing?

  5. @ Tanveer: Yeah it's a super duper hit for me. Sad that u have misplaced it!
    @ Ankita (Corallista): Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, it is a very tempting shade. I am wearing MAC's Naked pigments on the lids & Handwritten in the crease and Dipdown fluidline. Thanks again for stopping by.

  6. I have wanted this for a long, long time now. MUST GET IT.

  7. I love love loveee cyndi..its one of my favsss!

  8. P&B: Yeah, it's a super gorgeous shade. It looks even more vibrant with Cyndi Lipgloss :)

  9. Lovely shade and in my must try(if it suits, then must buy) list :-))

    Whats your skin type eesha?? Just asking coz I loved the foundation on you. Wanna check it out.

  10. @ G.G.G.: It's a lovely shade. Mine is oily skin. It's Shiseido's Dual Balancing liquid foundation.


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