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How to apply eye-shadow – Picture Tutorial

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You may be surprised by the title ‘How to apply eye-shadow’. Well, we all know how to apply eye-shadows and are probably are experts. This post is for those who have just started with the eye make-up. With this tutorial I will be sharing some very basic tricks/ tips for applying eye-shadows and my favourite tools i.e. eye brushes. Having said that I don’t claim to be an expert, but want to share what I have learned over a period of time, after all this platform is to ‘share’.

The key to have a flawless eye-makeup is BRUSHES, PRIMER and BLENDING.

First step to understand the different areas of eye-makeup. The picture below is self-explanatory.

Second step is to have some quality brushes. My suggestion would be to invest in good brushes, so save on other things and invest in brushes. If you have good quality brushes then half your job is done. 

Must have eye brushes and my favourite ones:

  1. Flat stiff shader brush – to pack e/s on lid. The tip is to pack/pat the e/s and not swipe. My favourite is MAC 239
  2. Stiff dome blending brush – to blend the lid colour in the crease. My favourite is MAC 217
  3. Pencil brush – to smudge the e/s under the lower lash line. My pick is MAC 219

MAC 239, 217, 219, 209 (eye-liner)
Third important step is to prime your eyes before applying any e/s. There are a lot companies that have eye shadow primers. What primer does is it creates a neat canvas for your e/s to stick the whole day and it helps avoid creasing.

The most famous e/s primer is the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but sadly it is not available in India. The other most widely used primer is MAC Painterly Paint Pot. My favourite is the MAC Painterly PP because it is easily available in India and does the same job as UDPP.

The tip with priming the lids is to take very tiny amount of primer on your ring finger and apply it all over the eyes. If you take a lot of product then it will cake-up and ruin the whole look.

For e/s you basically need three shadows:
1. Lid - any shade of your choice. I am using MAC Jest
2. Crease - couple of shades darker than your skin tone. This basically is to blend the lid colour. I am using MAC Cork
3. Highlighter - close to your skin tone. I am using MAC Vanila.
4. Darker shade to define your outer V - Any shade couple of shades darker than your crease colour. I am using MAC Espresso. 

So, let’s get started with the tutorial. 

Step I - PRIME with Painterly PP

Step II - Pack the lid colour using MAC 239. I have also applied Rubenesque PP before applying the lid colour. 

Step III: Apply crease colour using MAC 217

Step IV: Define the Outer V and apply highlighter shade. For the outer V, imagine liner from the corner of your eye till the end of your eyebrow. Draw a line using 217 till your crease and bring it in till the outer 3rd of your crease and then start feathering it in and blend blend and blend till all the harsh lines are blended. 

Final look, w/o eye liner & mascara

Final look, with eye liner & mascara

Final finished look :)
Hope you all like this tutorial, do let me know in the comments below and also your tips and tricks for applying eye shadows. 

Hope you all are having a great hump day and have a great day and the week ahead. Until next time xoxo



  1. this is a well written and useful post Eesha..i loved it :)and your brushes are super duper clean :)

  2. Such a detailed, yet simple post Eesha...Thanks a lot. Esp for the brush reccos :-))

  3. wonderfully explained and guess what - those are also my favorite and must have brushes :D

  4. Thank you for this great tutorial. I'm a novice in makeup and every little help counts. Thank you for explaining via diagram very clever and helpful.


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