Sunday, 3 April 2011

How to store more eyeshadows in MAC 15 pan palette

Hey Everyone, 

Yes you read it right, we can store more eyeshadows in a MAC's 15 pan palette. So, instead of storing 15, we can easily store 21 MAC shadow pans. The bottom base of the palette is metallic and the pans have little magnets attached to keep the pans in place in the palette. 

This came to my mind because I was planning to buy a couple of eyeshadows from MAC and my both palettes were full to store anymore. I was not really in a mood to spend on the palette for just a couple of eyeshadwos. I had seen in many YouTube videos and make-up blogs that they have removed the inserts and stored more MAC eyeshadow pans, but never took it seriously. So, I went to Google God to find out how to remove the inserts from the palette. I came across this YouTube video on "Converting MAC Palettes" by EnKoreMakeup. 

So, in INR 840, we can store 21 MAC pans instead of 15 pans. 

I immediately removed the inserts from my palette and stored 21 MAC eye shadow pans. I am so excited about this. Here are some of the pics of my 15 MAC eyeshadow palette storing 21 MAC refill pans..... :) :) 

I hope it was helpful to many of you. 



  1. you can buy a palette from NBC khar (W) for 450/- INR and use it .. its blush palette but same and as it is old stock they r giving 50% off ....
    :D :D
    love;y post hon

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