Monday, 25 April 2011

Haul: MAC goodies

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are healthy & happy!

So, it was a 3 days weekend and I went out to get indulged in cosmetics shopping and bought some MAC goodies from permanent range and LE Peacocky collection. I am really excited about these and thought of sharing with you wonderful ladies out there. Hope you all enjoy and indulge yourself in those. 

Some of you may already have the stuff, but, I thought of sharing with those who have these products in their wishlist and are planning to buy.  

So, if your want to see the pictures, swatches and know what I think about those, then keep reading. :) 

Goodies I bought from MAC:

Paint-pot: Constructivist (Metallic brown w/red pearl)
As you all know, MAC paint-pots are great bases either all over lid or for 'that' pop of color. This has been in my wishlist for a long time now, since, I love to sport bronzy-brown smoky eyes. It's a dark chocolate colour with slight golden sheen and plum/ red undertones. This product makes smoky eye super easy to create. A great base for shadows like Bronze, Sable, Tempting, Mulch, etc etc etc. I worn it under tempting the other day with Mulch in the crease, Center Stage (LE) in Outer V and Ricepaper as highlight and inner corner and the result was a dramatic metallic brown smoky eye look. I haven't yet worn it for the entire day, but for say 4-5 hours, and after 4 hrs for partying it was right there without creasing or budging and my shadows looked like freshly applied. So, 5/5 for this product. 

Initially, when I opened the lid, the top layer of the product was little hardened, but after rubbing the top layer with ring finger, it was as creamier as other paint-pots. I used MAC 217 for applying the shadow. 

 - Retrospeck (Beached blonde (Lustre))  
It is beige color with golden glitter, lustre formula and has chunky glitter to give fallout. But, the colour is so gorgeous, I couldn't resist my self from buying. Great day colour and versatile to be worn with many shades like browns/ taupes/ purples, etc. It goes on like butter smooth, opens up my eyes making me look awake. Used with Patina in the crease and Satin Taupe in Outer v with Vanilla as brow highlight. 4/5 for this product, 1 point deducted for fallout.

 - Tempting (Sinfully rich coco (Lustre))
Again a lustre formula, bronze with golden glitter but less or no fallout like Retrospeck. I am crazy about bronzy and neutral shades, just because they are versatile to be worn with any colour of dress. I have worn it over Constructivist PP and over Painterly PP as all over base, it is a superb bronze shade. True to it's colour, doesn't turn red / orange on applying like sable and bronze. Can be worn on the lid and crease. 5/5 for this product. 

 - Center Stage (LE, Peacocky collection)
Metallic dark chocolaty brown colour with golden sheen from Peacocky Collection. Love it. The darkest true brown shade in my collection. Best for outer V & crease and smudging under the lower lashes. Blends easily and colour pay-off is 100% with no fall out. 5/5 for Center Stage 

 - Zoom fast black lash (Deeply dark drama. Same as Zoom Lash, but with carbon black pigment. Saturates lashes with the richest black ever. Creamy, velvety formula builds density and conditions. Feels supple, light, flexible. Ultra-sculpted brush embraces and separates each lash, hugging every curve)

Carbon black mascara for volumizing the lashes. Doesn't clump or smudge and can be very easily removed (even using a facial wipe). The wand is such that it touches every single lash lengthening and volumizing them. 

So here are the pictures, swatches and my views on the products:

W/o flash, L to R: Constructivist PP, Center Stage, Tempting, Retrospeck, Tempting over Constructivist PP, Bronze over Constructivist PP, Sable over Constructivist PP 

With flash, L to R: Constructivist PP, Center Stage, Tempting, Retrospeck, Tempting over Constructivist PP, Bronze over Constructivist PP, Sable over Constructivist PP 

With Flash, L to R: Tempting, Retrospeck

W/o Flash, L to R: Tempting, Retrospeck

With Flash: Center Stage

Zoom Fast Black Lash

Zoom Fast Black Lash
So, all you beautiful ladies out there, have you tried Constructivist PP and what combinations do you love wear it with and which is your favourite product from Peacocky collection. 

I hope you liked it and was useful to all you beauties there. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. wow what a haul..loved it .:)

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  3. great blog...loving it!
    waiting for your next post

    --kisses ♥

  4. Thanks Glamorous Barbie. A few interesting FOTD/ EOTDs coming up. I am glad that you liked my blog :)

  5. awesome haul :) I only have retrospeck out of the things you got and it is an awesome highlight :)

  6. Nice haul! :) the one mac collection i'm sad that I missed it peacocky!

  7. @ Bhumika: Thanks :)
    @ AOYV: yeah, retrsopeck is beautiful. I have used it on lids though
    @ KI: Thanks and no worries for missing Peacocky. MAC is coming up with a couple of more collections in May.


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