Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review: Chanel Vitalumière Moisture-Rich Radiance Sunscreen Fluid Makeup SPF 15

Hey Guys, 

Now that's really a long name! It's the original Vitalumière foundation from Chanel. 

Of late I my skin is more combination than oily, especially around my mouth and nose. With my regular foundations that are more suitable for oily skin, my skin wasn't feeling comfortable! In fact I could feel my skin creep around my mouth, the dry patches looked more exaggerated than they originally were/ are and overall it was not a very happy situation with my base make-up. 

Then, I started to search online about foundations for combination to dry skin and stumbled upon Lisa Eldridge's video on her top 5 foundations for dry skin. This foundation featured in her video! And the only foundation that I could actually go in a store and try it myself, rather than finding a match online and giving a blind shot to it!  

So, I went to Chanel store at Palladium Mall and tried this foundation in shade B40 and roamed around and watched a movie in PVR with this on. I quite liked how my skin felt with this foundation. No creeping or stretchy feeling and it just felt so good. After the movie I went back to the store and purchased this baby. 

The first time I wore this foundation, it was on New Year's Eve, my skin looked and felt fabulous. I was overwhelmed with the foundation. Next morning, i.e. on first day of 2015, started the horror of picking up a lighter shade when I applied it lightly to see how it looked in natural day light. I was freaking out, almost started crying and put this foundation up for sale on couple of FB groups. But, my heart was not ready to accept that I picked up a wrong shade. 

On my first day to office I wore this foundation to office and asked my husband and other colleague if looks unnatural or lighter than my neck. Both said it looked perfect and I also reached settlement with the shade by the evening after watching myself in the mirror 2560 times that day. Ever since, I am wearing this foundation every single day with a darker concealer blended around on my chin area to hide the darkness and unevenness. However, I still feel a shade darker would look more prettier. Which I will try/ buy next season once I have finished this bottle, as can make it work for me. 

Coming to the product, the Vitalumière foundation is specially formulated for dull, tired and dry skin. It has ingredients that are specifically target towards dry and uneven areas of skin. It has marine extracts that boosts the skin's radiance and light reflecting pigments that smooth away imperfections. It's a moisture rich and luxuriously light weight foundation that blends seamlessly into the skin for a perfectly smooth, even toned radiant skin. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a pump dispenser which is a pretty standard Chanel packaging. 

This foundation quite runny compared to Perfection Lumiere or Perfection Lumiere Velvet and almost watery. But, it is packed with pigments to cover most of my unevenness and hyper-pigmentation, but, the dark spots from acne still peek through, which I usually spot conceal. Instantly after application, it looks very shiny wet but settles down in couple of minutes for a dewy finish. 

Love how my skin feels in this foundation, very hydrating and moisturizing. However my skin starts to look oily after 4+ hours, if I am not in a controlled environment, and requires powdering once in my 9 hour job. But it doesn't look oily to extent of making me look like a grease ball. In Air Conditioned environment, it looks perfect through the day. So, according to me it will be a perfect foundation to those of with dry skin and great for combination skin ladies living up north or in drier areas. 

Enough rambling, lets do the pictures talking: 

Now, get ready for my bare face with just my Clarin's Hydraquench and brows done. 


In, the after picture (just one layer) you see how beautiful the finish of this foundation is, very dewy and fresh. As far as coverage is concerned, it covered pretty much everything except the two spots on my right (your left) cheek. Darkness and unevenness around the chin is still visible where it looks slightly ashy, which I conceal with MAC Prolong Wear Concealer in NC 42. 

Price: INR 3350.00 for 30 ml, which is pricier. 

Overall, I love this foundation and can't wait to wear it when I will be in Delhi next month for a work tour, where it will relatively more cold and dry. However, I will preserve it for winters or when I am travelling in more drier areas of the country/ world. Pricey, but its everything that you want for a dewy look that doesn't look caked up to make you look like a grease ball. 

Which is your favorite foundation for combination skin to get a dewy finish? 

Lots of Love

P.S.: Lisa Eldridge also mentioned about Bobbi Brown's Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturising Balm, which is for dry/ extra dry skin, which I am sure gonna give a go if I get a chance to visit Bobbi Brown store and also her Skin foundation which is good for all skin types!  

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A little MAC Haul

Hey Guys, 

As I mentioned in my previous post that I have joined a new job, I will not be able to wear all those bold and bright lips colors to office. So, went to my not so nearby MAC store to explore some wearable lipstick shades and get some old buddies back. So let's see what all I got! 

The first thing that I got is MAC Cosmetics Prep+Prime Natural Radiance Primer in Radiant Yellow. It's a pale yellow gel that blends into nothing. It's a gel formula with light reflecting particles that blurs out imperfections. I will have to really try it on myself before I comment anything on it. But, I really wanted something that helps in keeping skin hydrated as I will now be spending a lot of time in AC and that also prolongs my makeup. Nikkietutorials always rave about this primers and also features in her 2014 favorites. What better reason to try a new product if your favorite Beauty guru recommends it! 

MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance Primer in Radiant Yellow
I got two lip pencils that are being highly talked about on YouTube and features in at least a dozen of YouTube Beauty Gurus, Whirl and Soar. Really excited two these new babies out. I got Whirl at old price of INR 950.00 and Soar at new price INR 1400.00. 

I just surfing the array of colorful lipsticks counter for neutrals and medium pinks, I found Mehr and instantly loved the shade and see how beautifully it matches with Soar. (INR 1450.00)

Then I purchased three lip glosses, two of them are old buddies (Cultured and Nymphette) which I returned as Back to MAC as there doe foot applicators broke and were very very old. And I got a new lipglass to go with Mehr lipstick. Oh it's so pretty with multidimensional shimmer! And guess what, I got the all the three lipglasses at old price (INR 990.00).

And, get ready for an hairy arm as my visit to salon to get them waxed is pending for long. But, I just couldn't wait sharing these goodies with ya all. 

Left to Right: Whirl, Soar, Mehr, Cutrured, Nymphette, Viva Glam VI
I can't wait to play with these new goodies. Hope enjoyed this little haul post. Let me know if you want me to do more such posts in future. 

Lots of Love

Monday, 12 January 2015

New Year, New Opportunities!

Hey Guys,

As we are almost half past January, hope the new year is treating you well. 

I have a few updates to share with you guys in this post. 

If you are reading my blog for a long time, you would know that I was on a career break for past 1.5 years. On January 5, 2015, I joined a new job. But before I tell you about it, let me take you about over an year back when my husband joined a new firm, as India Head, an overseas based Contracts Management firm starting its foray in India. Back then we were very excited and head over the heels with this new opportunity. It certainly was a very challenging opportunity and it was the right time for me to take a step back and slow down a bit! However, as the business grew and my husband started to feel the heat of the work load, the Director asked if I could help them on and off to take some pressure off my husband's head and I immediately agreed. I started helping them on and off on a few projects during the later part of 2014. And, during this time the Director again asked me if I wish to join them as their Contracts and Cost Analyst. I was overwhelmed with this offer, but, also a bit anxious as it would be a change in my job profile. Cutting long story short, on 5 January 2015, I joined this new job and now considering this as a great opportunity to learn new things and explore new sectors. 

As of now, I am settling down in the new job and not fully loaded with work. You all know the initial honey moon period which we all enjoy in a new job! But, as the time progresses I will definitely be more busy with my career and new job. However, I will still try to post here as much as possible. But, I certainly cannot stick to a fixed schedule. 

The beauty of the new job is that, as it's still a small firm with only 3 employees in India, the work culture is very informal and casual. For example, we wear formal clothes only when there's a client meeting! Isn't that cool? So, this gives me room to experiment more with 'not so wearable' (bold and over the top) make-up to work. Haha! And moreover the office is close by, which means no traveling in local trains and buses which is like a dream in Mumbai! I mean who wants to travel 1-2 hours for reaching work sweating and totally exhausted with no time for anything else in life. Life isn't just about working at job, right?  

Another update is that, now that as my Mother-in-Law retired from her job in September 2014 (she worked for 40 long years with Government in Higher Education Department), my husbands parents would be staying with us in Mumbai more frequently in a year than they earlier used to. Which is kinda great, because, I will not have to think about keeping things in order back home. Oh, my Mother-in-Law is so good at it. I wonder how she managed all this with her super busy schedule at work. Having said that, earlier when used to visit us I used to take a break from everything. But, now they staying with us for longer duration, taking a break cannot be an option. Which I will soon figure out with them. 

With all these new things happening in my life, I am still figuring about the right time to take pictures for the blog for which morning seems to be the best time, but, I am still getting into the hang of working again with a full house. You know what mean! 

As for my YT Channel goes, I haven't really thought through on how I am gonna manage posting videos more frequently. I wish to build in more flexibility in filming, with some lights, in the evening or at night. But, I am still working on a few options before I take any decision and not sure how its gonna progress. So, I am keeping this hanging for a few days. This is where I need your help and suggestions! 

As, blogging and making videos is just a hobby to me, I don't want to make it a chore and post just for the sake of it. This will help me remain fresh in my writing and I will be able to give you more meaningful content and that't what matter to me at the end of day! 

All said and done, I am sure not gonna stop buying and trying new make-up and of course not stop wearing it either and also not stop digging my stash and rediscovering some older goodies :-D 

I think that is all for now! 

Have a wonderful week! 

Lots of Love